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How to Wash Lingerie - The Best Ways to Wash Bras and Panties

How to Wash Lingerie - The Best Ways to Wash Bras and Panties

The care and maintenance of delicate fabrics such as panties and bras is one of the biggest challenges facing many women today. How many times have you typed the search term "How to Wash Lingerie" into Google? How do you decide how to remove stains, to hand wash or machine wash, machine dry or air dry and which type of cleaners and treatments to use to remove bad odours and stains? We have put together some useful tips on the proper maintenance and care of your gorgeous lingerie pieces.

How to Wash Lingerie - The Best Ways to Wash Bras and Panties

How to Wash Lingerie - The Best Ways to Wash Bras and Panties

To Hand wash or Machine Wash Your Lingerie

Handwashing your sexy lingerie can prolong the life of your lingerie collection whilst machine washing has a tendency to deform lingerie. Handwashing is the best option of washing your knickers, bras and lingerie. You should avoid machine washing your delicate lingerie. A machine wash is not only a quick way to wash your lingerie pieces, it is also a quick and sure way of ruining them. If you care about your lingerie and want it to fill your boudoir for some time, we suggest that you make an effort and wash all your lingerie by hand and keep away from the rumbling friend.

If you have made the wise option of washing your lingerie by hand, the first thing you should do is fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and place two caps of lingerie or delicate wash. Just think of this in the same light as preparing yourself a warm and bubbly bath. Then you should carefully submerge all your delicates into the basin and gently shake up the water a little to ensure that your sexy lingerie pieces are evenly submerged in soapy water. Leave the lingerie pieces to soak for a maximum of thirty minutes, especially when you are washing silk lingerie. Just imagine your lingerie dancing and twisting in the basin. Do not panic if you see colour in the water, it is perfectly normal. This is simply the die in the fabric releasing some colour. This usually happens when you wash your lingerie items for the first time. Having said this, you have to be especially vigilant not to mix white lingerie with coloured lingerie. If you do, this will naturally and quite predictably colour your white lingerie and it will no longer be white. You should then run lukewarm water through your lingerie pieces. Just repeat this process until the soap disappears from the fabrics. You should then remove the water from your lingerie pieces by gently pressing on them. Do ensure that you do not squeeze or wring. When you are done, hang your delicate lingerie to dry or lay it on a drying rack. Air drying is definitely the best and most popular way of drying your sexy and dainty bras and panties. To remove creases, use steam and never apply a hot flat iron directly on the lingerie, especially when it is synthetics or silk.

How to Remove Stain from Your Delicate Lingerie

Removing stains from delicate lingerie items such as panties, bras, baby dolls and thongs is one of the toughest challenges in lingerie care. The first thing you ought to do is pre-treat the stains on the most worn and delicate areas of your lingerie including underwire, straps and lace. Use a special stain remover to work the stain as well as the surrounding areas.

Should I Wash Leather Accents on My Sexy Lingerie?

Some of the questions we are frequently asked are: is it ok to lather leather? Or should leather accents be left to care for themselves? The straightforward answer is yes and no. For instance, some sexy lingerie styles incorporate leather pieces inside the design. It should be noted that leather accents are quite difficult to care for since they can discolour or even crack when exposed to strong detergents and water. Before washing your sexy lingerie with leather accents, you should first check the care label to ascertain whether your lingerie is washable. Alternatively, you can always consult your local dry cleaners who should be to advise you accordingly by drawing on their experience in the field. Nonetheless, there is a good way to ascertain whether you can lather your leather accents in your lingerie. Firstly, find a spot on the leather accent of your lingerie (make sure it is not conspicuous so as to minimise the damage should things not go according to plan). Secondly, you should wipe that section with a wet cloth and allow for it to dry naturally. If that spot on the leather accent of your sexy lingerie is not damaged or discoloured, it is safe to assume that your sexy lingerie item should be safe to wash by hand. Use delicate wash or lingerie wash with lukewarm water to hand wash your gorgeous lingerie pieces with leather accents.

Here are Some Useful Tips on Maintaining Your Swimwear

One of the most effective ways of prolonging the life of your sexy swimwear as well as preserving its elegance and integrity is a good rinsing after a dip in the sea or the pool. When you are done with your swimsuit, do not just dump it, especially if you want to keep on looking sexy in it. Chlorine and salt can damage any fabric, especially when your swimsuit or bikini is exposed to them for prolonged periods of time. We recommend that you give your bikini or swimsuit the same level of treatment as you would to your bra or panties lingerie pieces. It is advisable that you hand wash your bikini or swimsuit by filling a basin with warm water and adding two caps of lingerie wash or sport detergent. Let your bikini or swimsuit soak for roughly thirty minutes or so and then rinse and squeeze out the water. In order to preserve the elasticity of the fabric, restrain from wringing or twisting your swimsuit or bikini. Avoid using dryer to dry your swimsuit. Instead, allow it to dry by air.

Further Notes of Advice on How to Wash Lingerie

We are safe to state that your entire wardrobe is washable. In fact, almost ninety percent of fabrics used on clothes and lingerie, including silk, wool and most synthetics can be washed 100% safely. The remaining ten percent of fabrics can be a headache when it comes to care and maintenance. Such fabrics include but are not limited to rayon, polyimides and viscose. Steaming is certainly the better choice than ironing your sexy lingerie pieces. Steam is not only fabric-friendly, but it is also easier to reach the hard-to-reach areas where flat irons will not go. Every lingerie items are susceptible to staining, especially when it comes to bras and more so, panties. The best way to avoid stains is to pre-treat them before a wash, especially the areas that come into great contact with the skin, such as straps, collars and armpit areas. It is always better to pre-treat lingerie with appropriate care products even if there is no visible staining.

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