Monday 5 February 2018

5 Hacks For Sexy C String Bikini, Women's Sexy Swimwear, Sexy Bikinis

5 Hacks For Sexy C String Bikini, Women's Sexy Swimwear, Sexy Bikinis

Ladies swimwear has gotten sexier and sexier over the years. Gone are the days where bikinis were chastised for being too revealing. Bikinis are now a statement symbol and walking near a pool or on the beach will let you know how serious women are about their bikinis. As they got sexier, bikinis became more of the sexy beach and pool wear than the thing you swam in. There are so many designs and types of bikinis that you can never possibly own them all. For those that want to get a few bikinis for the summer or even just the upcoming pool party, here are a few types you should be aware of;

Guide To Sexy C String Bikini, Women's Sexy Swimwear, Sexy Bikinis,

C-string Bikini

This is by far the most randy bikini ever known to man. The g-string may have made tongues wag but the c-string almost had peoples’ heads blowing off. The top of the c-string is just the normal bikini top, available in varying designs, colors and patterns. However, the bottom part of the c-string bikini is what has got tongues wagging. The bottom is basically a patch that covers the crotch and with no visible strings that seem to hole the patch in place, it is often called the invisible bikini bottom. The c-string bikini is made for those who are bold enough to rock something that is so out of the norm and actually pull it off with confidence. Always ensure that you have the washboard abs for this piece of masterpiece.

Sexy Bikinis

It is very hard to classify bikinis are unsexy. They come available in every imaginable color, mostly bright colors that embrace the bright sunny summer days. However, it is entirely possible to see someone look very unflattering in a bikini. This is because the body shape determines the type of bikini that you can wear and still look smoking hot in. Size 0 models do not have to look for a specific type but not every woman is a long-legged sexy Victoria Secrets model. For this reason, always ensure that you check how your body fits into the two-piece you just bought.

For those with tight well shaped asses that have minimal cellulite, the g-string, thong and Brazilian bikinis will do wonders for you. They have an open butt check policy and they would ensure that your well shapes ass gets the attention it deserves. For those with tone legs as well, string bikinis make your legs look longer and a whole lot more alluring and sexy.

When it comes to choosing a sexy bikini that flatters your frame, it is imperative that you make sure that you get the bikini that fits like a glove. This helps you avoid any embarrassing situation since water can reposition your bikini in seconds without you even realizing.

Guide To Sexy C String Bikini, Women's Sexy Swimwear, Sexy Bikinis,

Choosing the Bikini Top

This is almost the easiest part of choosing a bikini. The only important thing is that you understand your boob size to ensure that you pick the bikini top that will provide ample coverage while also giving your boobs the support needed to make your bust irresistibly appealing. For those with large bust sizes, string bikinis may prove to be a bit challenging to wear as the weight may cause the string to dig into the shoulder, causing discomfort if worn for a long time. You may prefer bikinis with thicker strings or a design that has both the halter and shoulder straps.

For small and medium boobs, the top include strapless, strappy and even some that incorporate the push up bra to ensure that the boobs have a nice and sexy defined cleavage.

Guide To Sexy C String Bikini, Women's Sexy Swimwear, Sexy Bikinis,

Choosing the Bikini Bottom

This may be the single most challenging part about choosing a bikini. The various types ensure that you may get something that will be the best idea or a great disaster. Always ensure that you get to choose the bottom that perfectly aligns to your size, avoiding any bunching or evidence of the strings digging into the skin. Size is of importance when choosing the bikini bottom and should always be emphasized during selection and purchase.


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