Monday 5 February 2018

Are You New to Sexy Catsuits for Women? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Are You New to  Sexy Catsuits for Women? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Catwoman’s costume is one of the sexiest items in the movie world, making it one of the top selling costumes of all time. In addition to the superhero allure, the catsuit is also closely associated with the bad ass women of the domination world. Nearly every movie that features a peek into the dungeon sex world shows a sexy woman in a tight fitting catsuit holding a whip. With the illusion of power that comes with the catsuit closely follow the domination fetishes and the sexy dominatrix scenes.
Getting your own catsuit is not such a complicated process, but it is bound to get a little confusing if you have no clue where to start. The number of catsuit options alone makes the selection process a bit tricky. Here are a few things you should have in mind when purchasing a costume;

Are You New to  Sexy Catsuits for Women? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Material Composition

The catsuit comes in different materials to encompass the needs of a variety of people. Some of the most common materials are featured below;

Are You New to  Sexy Catsuits for Women? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.
  • Latex

Perhaps the most favorite BDSM material, the latex catsuit features the telltale smell of latex products, something some people find thoroughly alluring. Latex catsuits look formidable, giving the dominatrix allure a savage twist that keeps the submissive in check. Before purchasing this product ensure that your skin is comfortable in latex as some people tend to have adverse reactions to the material.
  • Leather

Albeit less popular, the leather catsuit is also a great costume, giving out a bit of the jungle look, making the role play span a bit more uncultured scenes. However, leather catsuits are not a fan favorite especially with animal friendly people, and this calls for an alternative material.

  • Faux Leather

For those unwilling to put on treated animal skin, the faux leather catsuit provides the leather look while appeasing to the animal lovers. The faux leather is more comfortable compared to its real leather counterpart, making it great for long play sessions.

  • PVC

Highly admired because of it ‘wet look’ appearance, PVC catsuits have garnered a massive following as they make for a snug and comfortable fit and tend to be confused with latex catsuits. The PVC catsuits make for great latex substitutes as they do not react with sensitive skin, making them even more appealing.

  • Lace

Lace has always been the go to material for all the sexy lingerie pieces in the market. Lace is quietly sophisticated and very light, making it widely appealing to most people. With the lace catsuit, the sheer material makes sure that you glorious skin is visible, adding visual stimulation to the game. The lace catsuit is for those who do not feel comfortable with any other materials as they may feel a bit too constricting. The lace catsuit is perfect for beginners, especially those who are not really sure about the other materials. Easy to maintain and clean, the lace catsuit will be a great hassle free addition to your lingerie collection.


There are so many catsuit costume colors. However, red and black are the popular colors when it comes to BDSM play as they are associated with the passionate nature of the dungeon play scene. Always take into account the colour of the suits when you choose to ensure that you get something that you are more likely to use on a regular basis.


Catsuits range in design, targeting different audiences. Sometimes the classic simple cut catsuit is a little bland for your taste, so you opt for something more appealing to your wild and passionate side. From full cover suits to body suits with stockings, the catsuit has evolved to ensure that the dungeon scene is not graced by dark colours that have nothing much going on for them.

Choosing your perfect catsuit costume is a process that requires deep thought to ensure that you do not blow your cash on something that will end up at the back of your closet. Whether you are a classic lady enthralled with the mystery of the black catsuit or a wild lady looking for a dash of color in the BDSM scene, catsuits come in all designs, cuts and colors to ensure that all needs are met.

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