Monday 5 February 2018

Guide to Sexy Bras for Women - Push Up, Strapless, Backless Bras

Guide to Sexy Bras for Women - Push Up, Strapless, Backless

Aside from the fact that women cannot stand bras sometimes, they are a necessity. Unless you have really tiny boobs, bras make the staple of your everyday dress code. However, not all bras are the same. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a bra that you can get lost in the lingerie store and even get a migraine. However, there are three very classical choices when it comes to choosing a sexy bra that will get you feeling sexy and super confident even if the bra doesn’t get to see the light of day.

Sexy Bras

Backless Bra

This bra has taken the world by storm. For years women have been looking for a way to still rock their backless dresses and still have their boobs held up especially those with sizeable boobs. The adhesive bras have been endorsed by celebs such as Amber Rose who actually have large titties. The adhesive bras come in so many designs but the common factor is that they cover the front and hold the boobs up without the need for any straps. The adhesive bra ensures that even those blessed with big boobs can finally rock the backless pieces without wondering how their boobs are hanging down the front. This removes the need for the tape option as a way of holding the boobs in place.
The silicone backless bra is the most common, and its nude color almost makes it seem like you may not be wearing any bra. Once worn, the bra shapes up your boobs ensuring that you have a cleavage to die for. For dresses that have very tiny straps and are low cut, the bra ensures that your boobs stay in place and thus eliminating the nip slip that may end up ruining your perfect moment. Even the side boob comes out so perfectly with this bra and its versatility ensures that you get to love it.

Push Up Bra

This has been a wonder bra for generations. The push up bra is an innovative garment that ensures anyone can rock a dope cleavage no matter the boob size. The push up bra squeezes the boobs together while pushing them up. For those with big boobs, this creates the jiggle effect with every step. Push up bras are sexy and also ensure that you feel as sexy as you look. They come in all sizes, but for those with big boobs wearing a push up bra may seem like overkill.

Those that have top or dress that needs an accompanying visible cleavage never go wrong by getting a push up bra to make their dreams come true.  There are so many different designs and cuts that you could collect push up bras for years and never exhaust your options. Push up bras span so many designs, from the sweet and cute bras to the color combination that makes the whole ensemble seem like something straight from the naughty play book.

The push up bra was first designed to help out the less blessed boob wise, but now they are a statement piece for those who like showing off their assets. The push up bra will forever be a staple as it gives the boobs a chance to shine bright and captivate the world.

Strapless Bra

This bra was the greatest savior when the strapless dress made its comeback. Exposed bra straps are cringe worthy at best and there needs to be a way to wear that strapless dress without inflicting unnecessary pain upon the people on the streets. The strapless bra has to be a perfect fit to ensure that you do not have a slip up or a slip down. The strapless bra comes in various sizes, designs and materials to ensure that every woman gets to enjoy the sexy moment where their collar bones are sensually exposed during the hot date or dinner party.

Some sexy bras have removable straps to make them versatile to the occasion at hand. The strapless bra may be a bit tricky for those with extra large boobs as the weight of the boobs will most likely be too much for the fabric to bear.

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