Monday 5 February 2018

3 Strategies to Supercharge Your Women's Sexy Bodystockings

3 Strategies to Supercharge Your Women's Sexy Bodystockings

Body stockings are garments designed for those who are very serious about their seduction game. They cover the whole body but still do not leave much to the imagination. Body stockings come in so many different designs and cuts that it may be impossible to even collect all of them. Every designer applies his or her creativity to come up with a body stocking that is so unique and so bold that it becomes so confusing to choose which the best is. However, there a few broad categorizations that pretty much encompass most of the body stockings in the market.

Guide to Women's sexy bodystockings

Fishnet Body Stockings

Fishnet body stockings are so popular that they are thought to be the original body stockings. The beauty of the fishnet body stocking is that it is a bold piece of lingerie that will have you feeling like a dominatrix immediately you put it on. Fishnet is always associated with prostitutes and it is easy to see why. The material comes with different hole sizes, and the larger the size the more the skin is exposed. Fishnet is for those who are bold enough to showcase their sexuality without feeling shy or even remotely conscious about their body.

Guide to Women's sexy bodystockings

Fishnet body stockings are a strong come on and they make the whole body seem and look even more alluring. However, the fishnet body stocking features so many designs that some actually are somewhat demure as they have opaque patches covering the nipples and the crotch area. If you have any intention of getting your hands on the fishnet body stocking, always ensure that you practice on your boldness to get you to the level of ultimate sexiness.

Lace Body Stocking

Lace is a material that has been there for ages. It is a delicate material that is synonymous with timeless beauty and quiet sophistication. For those looking to get a lace body stocking, there are so many available options that it may be frustrating trying to dig out for the best of the best. First and foremost always decide on the color. This helps you to narrow the search to ensure that you do not spend too much time eliminating piece by piece. Once you have chosen the color, it is time to check the design.

Guide to Women's sexy bodystockings

Some have long sleeves while others have shorter sleeves and others just feature straps. Then check for the parts that are exposed to match them up with the body part that you want to flaunt. For those looking to give their boobs the spotlight, open cups and sheer body stockings ensure that your nipples are clearly visible for your partner to ogle at. You could opt for exposed midriff or even an open bum. Whatever features you would like to flaunt, there is a design that will indulge your needs.

Crotchless Body Stockings

There comes a time where the seduction gets so heated that you end up ripping open your body stocking just to get the session going. Although this may be a sexy move, replacing the body stocking proves to be a process that would rather be avoided as it cost both time and money. To save you on both, the crotches body stocking was created. This design understands that sometimes need overrides reason and it avoids putting you in a position that would have you choosing between need and reason. The crotchless body stocking comes in so many different materials, including fishnet and lace. The patterned crotchless body stockings are so bold that they have even included animal print design in the line of options.

Guide to Women's sexy bodystockings

While some only leave the crotch area open, others also go ahead to ensure even the ass is left open for spanking and other butt related play sessions to keep the play interesting. Crotchless body stockings are the boldest of them all as it leaves no room for misinterpretation. While some choose to wear a thong or g-string with the crotchless body stocking, this seems a tad too much as the purpose of the crotchless body stocking is laid aside and this makes the open crotch plan useless. Take a chance today and discover your boldest self by trying on the design of your choice.

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