Monday 5 February 2018

Guide to Women's Chemises

Guide to Women's Chemises

Chemises trace their popularity in the middle ages. Once used as undergarments to protect the outer garments from oils and sweat, the chemise has come a long way since then. The chemise is a loose garment that covers you up to the hips. It is sometimes considered a dress as some are longer. Made from light materials, chemises make for great nightwear and seduction attire. The chemise feels so comfortable and also makes your frame look so supple and sexy that you get into bed feeling so good. The seductive part about the chemise is the way it brushes up against your hips with every step. This allure makes your legs look extra look and very seductive, begging to be touched and to slip the garment over your hips just to take a glimpse of what is lying underneath.

Women's Chemises

For a randy night, the chemise can also be coupled with a matching thong or crotchless knickers to give your partner a show unlike any other. This versatility makes the chemise a great garment to have in the closet as it will come in handy in more ways than one. The longer chemise is also great to wear on a night out when you feel like having your partner take a glimpse at what may be in store later in the night. However, the chemise is a very light item of clothing so always ensure that you choose the right coat to keep you warm if you will be outside.

Chemises Material

Silk, cotton and satin are the most common chemise fabric. Some chemise pieces are made of synthetic materials like nylon and spandex and these are a bit more affordable. However, synthetic material should be worn very minimally as there are health concerns regarding these materials. Lace chemise is also very popular because of its sophisticated look that oozes demure sexuality.
Choosing the right material is wholly dependent on how often you plan to wear the chemise. A breathable and comfortable material is recommended for everyday use.

Chemises Color

Pink, red and black have always been the most common chemise colors. With so many articles claiming red is the color that gets the male species hot under the color who wouldn’t want to get a piece of red sexy chemise? However, in this day and time chemise is being worn for self pleasure and this means that there is a color variety so broad and diverse there is no way you could possibly own them all. The color combinations vary from piece to piece, ensuring that you will always get something that will make your eyes pop.

When it comes to choosing the chemise that will get your sexy on, choose a color that you are totally in love with. This will ensure that every time you don the chemise you feel like a million bucks.

Chemises Size

Gone are the days where chemise was made for the size 0s. In this age and time you can be sure that you will get a chemise piece that fits your frame to give you the sexy appeal that you crave. From small sizes to plus size sizes, chemises ensure that every woman gets a chance to tap into their sexy side even as they turn in for the night.

When your chemise hugs all the right places, there is no risk of you feeling like you shouldn’t have put it on. Get the correct measurement and none of your chemise purchases will ever disappoint you again.

Chemises Pattern Design

This is the Holy Grail of chemise pieces. From the one piece chemise to the top and bottom ones, the fabric pattern makes the whole difference. There are the see through materials that have strategically placed opaque patterns that cover all the right places. A solid color chemise is classy and old school sophisticated but one with a pattern may take the outfit from sexy to smoking hot.

Choosing a pattern design may be time consuming but it will be worth every second once you check yourself in the mirror. You may even have a collection of the same type of chemise but the different designs make it look new every damn time. Sexy chemise is here to stay and the unique patterns add oomph to the already alluring outfit.

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